Atlanta Greek Festival - Atlanta, GA USA
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Atlanta Greek Festival - Atlanta, GA USA

Music . . . Dancing . . . Singing . . .

The Greeks call it Kefi – when the music is playing and the joys of life consume you making you want to jump, dance and yell OPA! The Atlanta Greek Festival is all about Kefi!

Let the continuous live Greek music and traditional bouzouki fill you while you enjoy our spectacular, energetic live traditional Greek dance performances by Atlanta’s very own national-award winning dancers.

We dare you not to yell OPA!

Atlanta Greek Festival - Atlanta, GA USA


The dance shows are performed by the Cathedral’s very own award winning dance group and will be full of flips, thrills and surprises. Any joyous Greek function is considered incomplete without music, dancing and singing. Vibrant bouzouki music are all part of the continuous entertainment presented for you.

Their show is not only about the dances of Greece but is also a spiritual and mythical journey through Greek heritage and tradition for the viewer. Their repertoire consists of over 200 traditional dances from all over Greece, Cyprus and Asia Minor, as well as Greek contemporary dances.

Alpha-Omega Sound

The group has headlined at the Atlanta Greek Festival for the last 20 years and have become a highlight of the celebration.  Alpha-Omega Sound brings their listeners the best in traditional and contemporary Greek music.  The band, made of local Atlanta Greeks, specializes in authentic Greek music.  They play a variety of music from different regions of Greece, as well as songs from the popular artists of today. Their repertoire includes a vast selection of listening and dancing songs that have brought the Atlanta Greek Festival a sound and feeling of its own.



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